Sulla strada, nella pineta

BY Nicola Baldazzi and Veronica Lanconelli

marmo – libreria d’arte contemporanea

opening 23rd of March 2019, 5.30pm

24th March – 28th April 2019


From Saturday 23rd of March, marmo - libreria d’arte contemporanea hosts Sulla strada, nella pineta (On the road, in the pine forest), an exhibition by Nicola Baldazzi and Veronica Lanconelli. 

The Ravenna-based artists, who have been working together since 2013 combining photographic images with linguistic elements, present a set of 40ish photographs, never published or exhibited before, showing Classe’s pine forest, which is a place very close to Baldazzi’s home. 

On the one hand, the visual story has a precise sequence – the observer is led to the pine forest’s entrance, experiences the forest crossing, and, eventually, goes out, as nearly in an educational novel; on the other hand, Lanconelli’s linguistic descriptions do not have a prefixed presentation order; they are thought side by side images, yet they are autonomous in their own way. 

Photographs and words have in common a sense of sublime and perturbing suspension; the artists don’t tell any event - there is no action or narrative plot – despite the atmosphere is that of a Bildundsroman. The artists rather engage with metaphysical descriptions of “damn” physical places – the pine forest with its shrubs and tangled branches, and the road with its noises and people who cross it. 

Baldazzi and Lanconelli practice an epoché of thought, a sort of suspension of judgment towards the subjects they observe. Lanconelli composes “long haiku” where the lack of events corresponds to an attentive, precise and respectful description of things, people, and animals on the road, such as teenagers waiting for the bus, prostitutes or pigeons. 

The phrases are hung on the bookshop’s wall roughly at 1 meter high, on a row, recalling the road’s line close to the pine forest, which is a literary place since Dante and Boccaccio’s times, paradisiacal yet damned, a bucolic landscape, the “passage” for Dante’s paradise, yet a scenery of horrendous cruelties. 

The observer can find the same eye for details Baldazzi reserved to the tangled compositions of branches and shrubs not just in Lanconelli’s words, but also in the title Sulla strada, nella pineta (On the road, in the pine forest) where the comma has a semantic value: it is the symbol of two coordinate elements, the road and the forest, of equal importance, not subordinate to one another. The prepositions are equally important: on recalls the suspension-attitude in Lanconelli’s descriptions, in remarks the inside of the pine forest Baldazzi has been regularly making trips to for the past few years. 

The exhibition will be on throughout 28th April during marmo –libreria d’arte contemporanea’s opening times.

Artists’ short biographies: 

Nicola Baldazzi (1985) lives and works in Ravenna. He studied photography at Ravenna’s Accademia di Belle Arti, where he attended Guido Guidi’s classes. He participated in various workshops led by artists and photographers, such as Alessandro Tosatto, Cesare Fabbri, Andrew Phelps, Marcos Morau, Gerry Johansson, Jason Fulford, Gus Powell, Peter Fraser, Joachim Brohm e Valentina Seidel. 

Since 2013 he has been collaborating with Osservatorio Fotografico; in 2013 he was shortlisted for the Francesco Fabbri prize for the contemporary arts, and in 2014 he was amongst the winners of Giovane Fotografia Italiana prize, curated by Daniele De Luigi within Reggio Emilia’s Fotografia Europea festival. In 2015 he won the RAM prize – category photography, which is promoted by Mirada, Ravenna. 

In 2016 he was shortlisted for the exhibition “Abitare il deserto” curated by Giovanni Zaffagnini at San Rocco Museum, Fusignano – and his work has been published in the same name book “Abitare il deserto” (Osservatorio Fotografico, 2016). 

In 2017 he was amongst the authors of “Dove Viviamo”, an exhibition curated by Silvia Loddo within Street photography – a tribute to everyday life, Øksnehallen, Copenhagen. In 2018 his work has been chosen by Fotofilmic18; he won the Agarttha Arte prize, and he exhibited his work together with Francesco Neri in the show “Fotografi dei Giardini delle residenze reali”, curated by Adele Re Rebaudengo at the Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi, Torino. In 2019 he will take part in Looking On, a group show scheduled for April-June at Mar, Ravenna.

Veronica Lanconelli (1987) lives in Torri; she is a writer and curator. She graduated with laude in philosophy at Università di Bologna. She is interested in literature, photography and contemporary philosophy, and works as a teacher. From 2010 to 2013 she was part in Dimensioni Variabili, with which she organized cultural events in Ravenna. Since 2014 she is a member of Osservatorio Fotografico, a cultural association and publishing house. She attended summer schools and photography workshops led by Guido Guidi, Silvia Loddo, Cesare Fabbri, Jason Fulford, Gerry Johansson, Gus Powell, Joachim Brohm, Valentina Seidel, David Chandler, Jem Southam, Tiziana Serena, Antonello Frongia, Luigi Tomassini, Leonardo Sonnoli, Silvia Lelli. She attended writing classes with Christian Raimo, Eugenio Baroncelli, Lorenzo Donati, Paolo di Paolo, Giulio Mozzi, Elena Stancanelli, Marco Peano. In 2014 she curated the group show “Some Short Walks in Ravenna” at Galleria Il Coccio, Ravenna; in 2016 she co-curated with Silvia Loddo City Tour/Tecla (with photographies by Cesare Ballardini and Giovanni Zaffagnini, Palazzo Rasponi, Ravenna) and in 2017 The Sound of Stars (photographies by Xiaoxiao Xu, at CoLABoRA, Ravenna). In 2017 she won the RAM prize – category curating- organized by Mirada. 

Since 2013 Baldazzi and Lanconelli have been collaborating in photography-writing projects. Together they published Piccolo prontuario di fotografia segnaletica (2013) and He didn't believe me (2018), both for Osservatorio Fotografico. 

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